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admin February 18th, 2009

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This blog is a part of the Christian Simple Living ( website where you can find a great deal of information on how and why to live simply as Christians.

But it isn’t easy trying to live simply in 21st Century consumer culture. there are many roadblocks and naysayers who don’t want their consumer parade rained on, so many of us are on the road to Christian simplicity, but haven’t arrived yet. This blog is intended to help all of us make the transition to living simply and faithfully, and to find joy and success as we do. Maybe we can also influence others to join us on the journey as well! Here we can share our journeys, successes, doubts, questions, insights, and opinions, as we create a community on the journey together.

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  1. Dienekeon 27 Jun 2012 at 4:49 am

    I am so glad that I found your blog.
    I was writing a post on my blog about simplicity. And when I was looking for a picture I found this blog.
    I hope you don’t mind that I used your photograph on my blog. If you do I will delete it from my post.
    Jesus is our example if we think about a simple life. Thank you that I can learn so mutch from reading the items on your blog.
    I will take my time to read most of the posts.
    Blessings, Dieneke

  2. Cherylynn Vaughanon 21 Aug 2012 at 11:03 pm

    How refreshing to read similar outlooks on life.

    I too have fell victim to the ever increasing fast pace techno age. And to be honest it was exhausting. Overall it was a time of disconnect from my fellow man.

    After much prayer and consideration. I too have come to the conclusion that less is much much more!

    Having a young family really starts to shift ones priorities to where they belong. Focus shifts onto your loved ones and building strong relationships, where it belongs. Nothing is more richer and rewarding than this.

    It is interesting, encouraging, and inspiring that others describe a feeling of being compelled to turn towards a more simplistic existence. The Holy Spirit is at work :) Exciting to connect with others of the same vein.


  3. Ruthon 13 Nov 2012 at 4:46 am

    I found this blog while researching for an article for my own blog on the subject of simple living and Christianity. Thank you so much for having this site available. The first thing I read was that simple living is not optional for the Christian – my own thoughts exactly! When Jesus said sell what you have and give to the poor, He was not only talking to the rich young ruler, He meant US! Everything I am reading is so challenging – I am a clutterbug and have so much ’stuff’ I can hardly breathe. Time for change I think.


  4. Andrew Mooerson 18 May 2013 at 12:32 pm

    Simple living with what you have, not wanting or needing more means less clutter. More room in your life for other experiences, better relationships, more awareness with crystal clear clarity. Like your blog posts!

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